Design Inspiration For Inventing

It might seem easy, but becoming an Inventor is a lot harder than you might think. Coming up with an idea that’s cost effective, never been designed, and has a large market is quite an obstacle itself. Then there is the Patent process. Unless you went to Law School the entire ordeal might be a little confusing. With all those overcome the inventor still has to get their idea designed. So how do you find an Invention Designer? How much do they cost? And what about the Prototype? Having an Invention designed can be a breeze or a nightmare depending on how you approach the task.


CAD is the acronym for Computer Aided Design and is the only way to get plastic molds, CNC, or any other type of manufacturing machine to develop products. The files that CAD Designers create are uploaded to the machines and tell them how to operate while manufacturing. Most Inventors don’t realize that these CAD files are extremely versatile and that to have a set of Patent Drawings created once the 3D model is complete is only a short process.

Invention Design Services

Most Inventors will go to two or three design companies before the patent process is over which waste time and money. In most situations where Inventions are involved the Inventor has an initial concept or conceptual design drawn on paper. These will become the Patent Drawings in the form of 2D Blueprints or other technical drawings. Some Invention & Prototype Design Companies will only perform the Conceptual Design, or the Patent Drawings, and make you go somewhere else for the CAD 3D Modeling files. Don’t do it! Wait until you find a designer who is going to do all three. This is a mistake Inventors make every day and you don’t have to fall victim to the Design Services for Inventions.

Rapid Prototyping

So what exactly is a Rapid Prototype? Well a Rapid Prototype is a physical model created from a machine that makes one part at a time. I know it sounds expensive but in most situations the Inventor won’t spend over five hundred dollars on a rapid prototype, and they can be created within a day. As soon as the CAD file is complete the prototype machines can go to work and produce a part that matches the Inventions design perfectly. This will allow the Invention to be reviewed thoroughly before investing in an Injection Mold. For the majority of Inventors this is the end of the road for Invention Design investments. The prototype is sufficient for demonstrating functionality of the Invention, and is used for snagging potential investors.

Injection Molds

If you are one of those individuals who is going to bring their Invention to market themselves you should read this. After you’ve finalized your Inventions Design and are happy with the results you’re going to need an Injection Mold created. If you know what you’re doing and have used a Professional Invention Design Service, than more than likely they can lead you to an affordable mold manufacturer who is reliable. Once your mold is created it can be used over and over to create your parts for extremely low cost. If you can manage to find one design company to assist you from your Inventions birth throughout the patent process you should have no problems and be safely on your way to becoming a successful Inventor. If you would like more information on the Invention Design Process Please Visit Invention Designer & Rapid Prototyping

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