Exhibition Booths: Secrets For Successful Trade Show Displays And Exhibition Stands

1. Start by planning your booth design and remember that it is important to have some open space as it creates a welcoming environment. This attracts visitors who feel comfortable stepping into your stand to have a look around.

2. Don’t assume people know your company or brand and what you offer in terms of products and services. Your graphics have to present a picture of your brand and offerings through visuals that clearly reflect your organisation.

3. Since less is usually more, resist the temptation to cram too many things into your stand. Don’t overload your space with unnecessary graphics and furniture.

4. Pay special attention to your stand design because an older one will make you seem less innovative to existing and potential customers.

5. Your brand’s image and awareness should be taken into account while designing your booth. Choose elements that complement your image, your products, perhaps the official colours of your company.

6. Consider getting expert assistance from a trade show display designer company. You will get information about the latest graphic techniques and display tools.

7. Prepare for your trade show well before the actual event. While sending invitations to potential customers, don’t forget to invite existing clients. Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity for building new relationships and expanding current ones.

8. Although it is good to diversify your exhibition events, it is a fact that the more often you participate in the same event, you are more likely to be remembered and you will also get more repeat customers.

9. Your biggest asset at your booth is your smile. You will be surprised at the number of stand staff who seem to have lost the desire to live, making visitors feel like they have done them a huge favour by simply speaking to them. Visitors at a business event are not interested in how much entertainment you had last night or if you still have a hangover. The idea is very simple; if you don’t seem happy to see a visitor, then you will not be.

10. Lastly but perhaps most significantly I will speak from personal experience, ladies, gorgeous shoes usually means uncomfortable ones. Also important is to wear a clothing item with a pocket to keep your mobile safe and at hand rather than having to hold it.

Exhibits at trade shows are hard work, but if done correctly it can be quite enjoyable and incredibly rewarding too. If I wanted to add #11, it would perhaps be setting personal targets for exhibition displays, such as 50 leads per day. If you are not able to achieve this, you can re-evaluate all you did and do things differently next time. It is also very important to follow up on your leads as early as possible, maybe even the next day.

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