Trends – The Fresh, Exciting and Ethnic Inspired New Look in Children’s Fashion for 2008

New fresh ethnic themes will be the aim that sparks the new revolution of cultural awareness in children’s fashions for the year of 2008. The patterns will be rich with traditional ethnic prints, yet still be wearable for casual occasions.

Latin American themed pieces will be all the rage with their bright tropical colors and gorgeous decorative ribbons and flounces. With the most influences from Mexico and Brazil, all children will get the chance to experience the beauty of traditional fashions from these countries while preserving there need for comfort and wearability.

Alluring, Asian Indian themed clothing will be a must have, giving a rich, exotic, enchanting new look in children’s wear with lots of bright, hot colors mixed with luxurious golds, silvers, and precious jewels.

African themes will make the most splash with rich traditional prints such as kente, bringing back stylish new dashikis and royal mud cloth fabrics. The African themes will not only give pride and a real chance to show case African culture to all African American children, but it also give everyone else a chance to enjoy the essence of Africa as well without any inhibitions.

This new fashion trend will be exciting and fresh, giving dept to a seemingly shallow fashion industry who day by day is manufacturing clothing for children that reflects that of a provocative teenager rather than that of a child. This will be the time to step out side the box of typical fashion and introduce your children to a style that will be educational, fun, and stylish.

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