Setting Up Trade Show Booths: Let An Exhibition Contractor Show You How

When it comes to setting up your trade show stall, don’t take a risk with the task: trust your exhibition contractor for best results. When it comes to manual and technical skills, it’s always best to use the expertise of professionals. Not only is it one less thing for you to have to worry about, it also guarantees that there will be no mishaps and problems.

While the exhibition stand builders help to set your booth up, it is important to learn all you can. You may never get around to putting a booth together yourself, but understanding the process and all it involves is recommended. You can even advise the professionals if you’ve got some extra info! After all, a little knowledge never hurt anyone!

Factors to Consider

When your booth is being set up, there are some basic principles of mechanics and design to be followed. There are also some less overt factors, which might not determine the technical aspect of how the stall should be put together, but will influence the rationale behind the techniques used.

These are

· Location of the booth

The location of trade show booths determines the kind of space you have at your disposal. If your spot is at a dead-end or in a cramped corner, you’ll have fewer options for entry/ exit points and you’ll have only one “open” side while the others will have to form the walls of the booth.

· Space

The amount of space is undoubtedly the most important factor. If you have a large plot there is so much more you can do with the stall, including interesting arrangements and unique structuring.

· Services and utilities provided to you

Don’t overlook the importance of amenities like electricity, wiring, telephone lines etc. You’ll need a lot of utilities to make your booth functional which means there’ll be a lot of wires, switchboards etc. involved. The booth should be set up to accommodate wires, chords, plug points, switches, and a “dock” for bringing things in and out and so on.

· Size of your stands and displays

The booth has to be constructed such that all your exhibition displays can be fit comfortably inside it. You’ll have planned your displays according to the space you have. Ensure that the booth is built to optimise this space.

· Access points

The entry and exit points are very crucial for governing visitor traffic. Even if you have a lot of space to work with, you must be able to keep people moving in a smooth flow. The booth should be set up such that the entry and exit points are preferably far away from one another so that people don’t collide with one another. If you’re not distinguishing between the entry and exit, make sure you have at least two gateways.

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