Stepping Out in Designer Nursing Scrubs

For years the medical world stood by the tried and true uniform that was either entirely white or pale green. Identifiable and fitting it didn’t leave much for style and with more diversity in the nursing profession today the times have called for more contemporary and stylish nursing scrubs and medical uniforms. Savvy designers quickly saw the market that was growing and began designing chic, colorful and practical nursing uniforms that look great and still have the functionality to perform all nursing duties.

Cherokee, Skechers and the Kimora Lee Simmons brand Baby Phat are just some of the well-known names venturing into the nursing scrub market and with the arrival comes ultra high quality fabrics, designer prints and contemporary styles that bring nursing up to date with modern fashion. From zebra stripe print tops and flare leg pants in chic colors to button front tops and mini lab coats you can find a terrific selection of designer nursing scrubs and medical uniforms that will match your unique and personal sense of style.

Designer scrubs come in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary designs with high quality fabrics including 100{59c907933bffd9abc8d6afcbab9c9253712ff461b204691a540a981f1e37f408} cotton, cotton/spandex, poly cotton and micrasilk. You can find a great selection of solid color tops in fresh new shades such as carnation pink, aqua splash, lemon drop and mandarin orange or exquisite print designs including autumn leaves, plaid, textured and celestial stars. Nurses sacrifice enough without having to work in stale uniforms that look like something out of an asylum psych ward so treat yourself to scrubs and uniforms that not only feel comfortable and free but also add a sense of style.

Whether you prefer all solid colors, print designs or your own clever combination of the two the designer scrub market is just beginning to make its mark so there is plenty to choose from when it comes to designer label medical uniforms. The best part about designer scrubs is that in addition to high quality fabrics and fashionable designs you also get practical and functional outfits that feature ample pocket room for instruments and tools, elastic waistbands to provide a snug fit and side vents to offer much needed breathability while performing nursing duties.

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