Sheared Fur – Soft, Warm and Trendy!

I just came back from the North American Fur and Fashion Show and it is obvious that the trend towards shearing is on a upswing. And why not, they are light weight, extremely soft and have a slimming look. In addition, they can be dyed into different colors to give them a stylish look. Many designers are mixing sheared furs, predominantly mink, with fox fur collar and cuffs making the coats look sophisticated but casual at the same time.

But what type of fur can be sheared? Technically, almost all types of fur can be sheared, but water animals such as mink, beaver and muskrat shear very well. That is because their underlying wool/fur is thick. and it is also the softest part of the fur. When you shear, only the top layer of the fur is removed, exposing that soft fur. Ironically, that soft fur is also the warmest part. So the end result is a fur coat that is extremely soft, but warm at the same time.

And what about maintenance? Like all other furs, they have to be stored in a humidity controlled environment in the summer. High humidity during the summer months will eventually destroy your fur. Sheared fur, is of most susceptible to humidity because it has one less layer of fur to protect it. Therefore, if you have a sheared fur, you should definitely store it.

Lastly, the other reason why sheared is so trendy is because it is the perfect remodeling option. Older fur coats can be remodeled by being sheared and dyed in another color. You are no longer stuck with the same looking fur coat your grand mother had. Shearing gives it second life. Therefore, the designers at the North American Fur Fashion shows got it right, sheared fur it is trendy, stylish, modern and they are giving the public great ideas for their own remodeling.

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