Wear Capricorn Tattoos To Show Your Rationality

Wear Capricorn Tattoos To Show Your Rationality

Capricorn tattoos represent the individuals born on December 22 to January 19. As the tenth sign of the zodiac calendar, it is symbolized by a goat or a goat-fish hybrid. Ruled by the planet Saturn, the sign of Capricorn controls the skeleton and the anatomical bones. Its constellation is the Capricornus, which is the second lightest assemblage on the sky.

Before you get a Capricorn tattoo, here are some pertinent details you need to know about the zodiac sign, in order to get the best style for your personality.


As it has been said, Capricorn is represented by the symbol of a goatfish. According to folklore, this totem stems from the tale of Pan, a humanoid goat god. Mythologies suggest that he jumped into a great river to fight a horrible monster. His features that were above the water remained that of a goat, while his parts that were underwater took the image of a fish.

Capricorn Characteristics

Cool and composed – these are just some of the things that describe a Capricornian. They boast of persistence, will and inner strength. They are respectful individuals who exercise their authority. They live by the rules, and expect people around them to do so as well. However, they always try to hide their poor confidence and self-doubt under their calm and cool exteriors.

Capricorn Tattoos

Of course, since the symbol of the Capricorn is the goat or goat-fish, any of these designs will make for a great design on your body. If you are truly committed to this sign, you can have a big image drawn on your arm, chest or back.

If you want a simpler version of a Capricorn tattoo, then your best choice is the goat head. It can show your inner strength, will and persistence.

However, if you just want a subtle or simple design, then ask for the Greek symbol of Capricorn – which looks like a lowercase letter N with a twirl at the end. This is best for those who want a small tattoo. While this is best done in just black, you can ask your tattoo artist to draw it in another color as well.

Perhaps a literal tattoo is that of the word ‘Capricorn’ all spelled out. It can be a small, cursive design on your wrist, nape or upper chest, or you can have it in big letters on your forearm, leg, back or torso.

Combining Capricorn

While the Capricorn symbols and designs alone are unique and interesting, you can also combine them with other elements to come up a one of a kind style. For example, you can intertwine it with your husband’s zodiac sign, or you can place the term or the symbol inside a banner tattoo. There are truly many choices for a combination Capricorn tattoo.

If you are looking for a tattoo that can show your rationality, then your obvious choice is Capricorn ink. With its diverse meanings and cool designs, you can have your body surrounded by all types of Capricorn tattoos.

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