Women’s Croc Boots – Great for Feet Crocs Boots Are a Woman’s Best Friend and With Good Reason

Being somebody that likes to plan ahead have you seen the fantastic women’s boots that are now available? I am so thrilled that the guys at Crocs have come up with these just awesome women’s Croc boots especially for winter. Not only that but, they have not forgotten the guys either and have designed some pretty rugged men’s Croc boots too.

Because Croc clogs contain some amazing health properties that really are so beneficial it makes perfect sense that the boots should have them too and what do you know? The clever designers have managed not only to incorporate them but keep our feet toasty warm and dry too.

If you have never heard of or seen Croc clogs or any of the fabulous funky designs that Croc shoes are now available in, boy have you been missing out. They have to be the ultimate in comfort and I have never found anything else that comes this close to footwear heaven.

When they first came onto the shoe market in 2002 they caused a bit of a stir. They were designed for spa wear and as such were not meant to be a high fashion cat walk item and judged on how they looked. They really were developed with health for your feet totally in mind but, since then they have evolved into a very trendy, up to date style item but still keeping all of the good stuff too.

What makes them so special is the closed cell resin that they are made of. It really allows your Croc clogs to do some amazing things for you and your feet. Firstly, they mould themselves to your feet when you wear them so they kind of customise themselves to fit you, now how cool is that?

The resin itself contains antifungal and antibacterial properties which stop the fungal spores and bacteria living on your feet from growing and giving you horrible stinky feet at any time of the year. Also, athletes foot does not stand a chance of causing you problems either.

If you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from diabetes there is some fantastic news for you too as, on the footbed of the shoe are these nobbly bits that actually massage your feet as you walk. This has the effect of increasing blood flow to your feet and legs. This in turn helps prevent any further break down of your skin which can be very problematic with this condition.

The bottom line with Croc shoes is the fact that all this and more goes on whilst you have them on your feet and you are not even aware of it. You will just know how comfortable they feel; you have to try them to fully appreciate them.

I will be treating my feet to the toasty experience of women’s Croc boots. Not only that but, I know I can walk around come rain or snow and stay upright no problem as women’s Croc boots have been tested to international slip standards and passed with flying colours. Bring on the bad weather.

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