Women’s Swimwear – Brazilian Cut Bikinis Make Men Walk Into Walls

It doesn’t matter if a woman is short, medium height, or tall; it doesn’t matter if her torso is long and her legs are short; and it also doesn’t matter if the woman’s legs appear longer than the rest of her body, Brazilian cut bikinis are seductive, alluring, and accentuate everything that a woman wants to show off.

In a word, the Brazilian cut bikini is sexy. The coverage of a woman’s breast area is moderate, leaving a lot to the imagination, yet appearing as if those two special parts of her body could slip out with even the slightest movement. The fabric on the woman’s back is sometimes shaped like a triangle, and oftentimes a thin sliver of fabric resembling a thong enfolds the bottom portion of the Brazilian cut bikini.

Since the alluring top and front portions of the bikini covers only what is needed, the elongated lines of the swimsuit expose a woman’s beautiful skin.

You can also find the Rio type Brazilian cut bikinis that incorporate ties at the hips to accentuate the sensuous mid-section, and a V-back style adds a sexy touch as the dental floss sized thong wraps between her legs.

However, since we’re talking about bikinis, it’s important to mention that the Brazilian cut bikini is also a two-piece suit. Sometimes the two pieces are connected, and sometimes they’re not. In either case, a Brazilian bikini is most frequently known as swimwear that is skimpy in fabric, and the bottom section sits very low on the hips.

While the two-piece Brazilian cut bikinis are sexy and make men literally walk into walls as they gawk at the woman coming and going, this is one swimsuit that reveals a woman’s curves and compliments any woman’s body shape. One word of caution, however, is that if you’re more than 50 pounds overweight, you might only want to wear your Brazilian bikini in your own backyard until you can lose a few pounds, since the swimsuit is so utterly revealing.

Keep in mind that when you choose a bikini that has cute little strings that tie at the hips, it most definitely adds a touch of femininity to your presence.

What type of woman would wear a Brazilian cut bikini in public? It takes a woman who has a lot of self-esteem, who is not timid about showing off her body, and who wants secretly to dare others not to look at her.

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