Women Shop – Men Buy – Will Our Current Economical Climate Change That?

Americans are now feeling an enormous economic crunch. High fuel prices, increased food costs, medical and mortgage bills, lost jobs and just about everything else has caused us to tighten our money spending belts. We all shop, but women have always been the better shoppers for value. They look before they spend; men usually buy the first thing they see, regardless of price, if they like it

I believe there are two changes coming; but, it is not in the buying habits of men and women. The first major change is the continued rapid shift to Internet shopping. We can now purchase almost anything in the comfort of our home. We are able to buy our favorite brand name items because hundreds of main line stores are now offering discount coupons or coming on line with their merchandise.

The second change is short term in nature. Bargain hunting will become more important as we look to buy more with less. We will purchase only what we need. Women will still be better at shopping for bargains than men. The economy will slowly recover because this is the United States of America and time will make it happen.

Shopping at home does have one small disadvantage, especially for men. You can not feel, touch, smell or see the product. Men like to personally see what they are buying. I guess it is mostly a macho thing; men want to hunt down and capture their product. Women purchase mostly from their emotions.

In summary, women will still out perform men with their shopping skills, especially with smaller items. The real definition of a shopper is one who searches for merchandise or bargains. The Internet is becoming the Shopping Mall of the future.

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