Women and Shopping

‘Women’ and ‘shopping’ are inseparable words. Though shopping is not the monopoly of a woman, in this field she is surely in the forefront. Men usually shop to fulfill a need but for a woman shopping is a passion. A woman may take pleasure in shopping by actually visiting a shop, shopping on the internet or window shopping even! Of course there is an exception to every rule so a few women may have other tastes.

But in general women may shop – because they have liked something or to be tuned in with the latest consumer products or to fulfill their household requirement like buying various home appliances or for some festive occasion… say gifting chocolates or sweet boxes, whatever the reason be shopping and women can be inseparable as two sides of the same coin!!

These days the markets too are flooded with fresh products and better varieties of items and new ones of various brands are popping up every other day. This too tempts the women to evaluate different products.

Feminine interest in shopping is more intense when it comes to jewellery and clothes. Today a wide range and variety can be found in imitation jewellery and markets are overflowing with clothes. A woman is a lot choosy when it comes to these categories! However there is something available to suit every purse – a fat wallet or a layman’s choice. These days with the inflation on the run, where it is sometimes even difficult to make ends meet for some, cheap varieties are replacing the expensive ones. The wise woman may not bank upon buying gold or diamond jewellery that may pinch her daily budget but instead may opt for imitation jewellery that offers gold plated or rhodium plated jewellery which is not only graceful and modern but easily available with varied choices.

Today the percentage of working women is increasing. This makes her busier and leaves little time for shopping. So the smart woman has now started shopping with the online shopping malls that offer her discounts and coupons, facility for comparing various products and their prices and much more.

Of course this kind of shopping may have some limitations like in the shopping of perfumes or carpets – where smelling and texture feeling facilities are not available (some online shopping sites offer some 15 days returning schemes if you are not satisfied with the product).

Thus even with the increasing busy schedule of women they find time for something very dear and close to their heart – Shopping!!

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