Tips For Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Tips For Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

You may have had your wedding dress picked out since you were a little girl. This image will aid you in shopping for your perfect wedding dress. But, keep in mind; your vision may not match your budget, wedding type or body shape. Here’s a guide to shopping for your wedding dress:

Determine your budget.

You should have a number in mind when considering what type of dress you will buy. Keep this number in your mind when shopping. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or distracted by a salesperson. Stick to your guns.

Determine the formality of your wedding.

This will dictate the type of dress you purchase. You wouldn’t wear a dress with a long, heavy train and intricate beading to a beach wedding or a simple sundress to a very formal wedding. Match your attire to your setting.

Beach and outdoor weddings call for a more casual dress in a lighter fabric. A more formal wedding calls for a more sophisticated dress with lots of embellishment.

Determine your personal style.

Do you normal wear very classic, simple clothing? Or, do you wear the latest fashions? Do you love blue jeans and t-shirts? These details will play a big role in finding the perfect wedding dress. You may want to stick to your casual style or step it up a notch for your big day. You may want to wear a classic dress and step away from the trends for a day.

Whatever you decide in style, make sure it is something you are comfortable wearing. You’ll know the right dress when you find it.

Try on lots of different styles.

Don’t be glued to one style of dress. Something you haven’t considered could be the dazzling dress you never dreamed of. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a dress to match your body shape.

Flatter your body shape.


  • High necklines only work for some people. If you are petite or don’t have a long neck, steer clear of high-neck styles.
  • The neckline of your dress should compliment your entire look. If you know you want to wear a stunning necklace, don’t wear a halter. Go for something like a scoop neck or off-the-shoulder look.

Dress Shape

  • Ask your sales consultant for direction on what works for your body type.
  • A very tall bride may not want to wear a straight, slim dress. This may call more attention to your height than you prefer.
  • Look for options that balance you on top and bottom.
  • A-line dresses are universally flattering.
  • Draw attention to your best features and away from your worst.
  • If you have larger hips, look for a dress that skims them rather than hugs them.
  • If you have a larger top than bottom look for simplicity at the neckline and embellishment at the hip. A great option for you is the ball gown.

Look for details.

· A simple dress can be dressed up with a pretty veil or tiara.
· Add a shawl to a strapless dress for cool weather.
· A bustle can add drama to the bottom of the dress.

Don’t look at size.

  • Most dresses will need alterations. Don’t worry too much about loose straps or a dress that’s too long.
  • Wedding dresses run small. Always go up in size because the dress can be altered down. It’s very difficult to alter a dress that’s too small.
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