Tips For Finding Extra Wide Women’s Shoes

Most women love shoes and with thousands of options, there are styles for each but for women that have wide feet, finding extra wide women’s shoes can be a real challenge. Often, these women dread shopping, knowing from the minute they walk into a shoe store or begin searching online that the chance of finding a pair of shoes they like and shoes that will fit is low.

While this venture might be a little more difficult than for women that wear average width shoes, there are options. The following are some tips that will make finding shoes of this type easier and the experience less stressful.

Power of the Internet

Because there are millions of websites, finding extra wide women’s shoes is usually easier online than in a brick and mortar business. In addition to looking at local or even national companies, women can also look at international stores. If buying overseas, it would be important to know the conversion of an American size to the size for the country to ensure the shoe would fit.

Additionally, the company should offer a return policy just in case. Although the price of the shoes might be comparable or even less, women need to pay attention to shipping, which could make the overall purchase more expensive. Therefore, it would be worth for women to spend time looking at numerous companies but also keep options open when buying extra wide women’s shoes online.

Custom Made

For extra wide women’s shoes, this too would be a more expensive route when buying but for certain types of shoes, an excellent consideration. For instance, anyone looking for walking, jogging, or dancing shoes would need quality as well as fit. Many companies are now open in the United States and other countries that use special measuring systems and tools so women end up with an exact fit. Although cost is greater, the higher quality shoes would last a long time.

Consignment Shops

For years, consignment shops were very popular and then they faded but today with the struggling economy, we see a growing number of shops being opened, allowing women to sell clothing and shoes in great condition while making money. Because these specialty shops are open to anyone, they welcome items of all sizes, including extra wide women’s shoes. It may take a little more research to find one, but women can call around their local area and ask about shoes. Once a shop with wide shoes is located, chances are women could go back more than once to find beautiful shoes.

Online Auctions

Women can also find wide shoes through online auction sites such as eBay and Craigslist. Since these websites reach around the world, the list of merchandise is incredible and for very low prices. Again, women choosing this option should make sure the seller offers a return, although the buyer would likely not get shipping costs back, and that the seller has good ratings. That way, the transaction would be perfect and the extra wide women’s shoes exactly what was wanted.

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