Tips For Aspiring Catwalk Models

Tips For Aspiring Catwalk Models

Many aspiring catwalk models may have the right look, but that is just part of what is needed. In catwalk modelling your walk is most important. It is a mixture of the right equipment, technique, poise and stance. Although professional models always manage to make it look easy, remember, this is what they are paid to do. The reality is, walking up and down a lengthy catwalk, in 6-7 inch heels, that might not even be the right fit, whilst at the same time trying to look graceful and elegant, yet fierce and strong, and making the clothes look amazing is never going to be an easy task. So if you dream of looking and walking like a model, it would be a good idea to get yourself some practice.

The first step would be to grab the right pair of heels. If you’re not used to walking in mega high stilettos, you’re probably better off starting with a pair of kitten-heels or Mary-Janes, as these usually have quite a low, thicker heels for extra support and balance. Make sure they fit right and test them out on your walking surface to make sure that you’re not slipping and sliding all over the place. Make sure your steps are not too large or too small. You are trying to look natural, not awkward and uncomfortable.

You will then need to perfect your supermodel stance by ensuring that you have the correct posture. Balancing a book on your head was not invented to make models look silly, it really does work. Try it. Stand with your shoulders and pelvis pushed slightly forward. It may feel and look as though you’re leaning forward, but this is what you want. Place a book on your head and adjust yourself ever so slightly, until the book balances on it’s own. Always remember to look forward. You’re facial expression should coincide with the mood of the clothes you are wearing.

Next you need to train your feet to walk toe-heal, rather than heal-toe. Placing your heal down first will create heavy steps, but what you want is for your steps to look elegant. This is done by keeping your weight towards your toes. If you have ever taken any ballet classes, you will remember walking on the balls of your feet. It’s a lot like this, but more naturally. Just try and keep the majority of your weight forward.

The sultry, model swing is achieved by stepping one foot in front of the other. If you were walking in the snow, your trail would fall in a zig-zag pattern. Make sure you’re not stepping one foot too far over the other. This will look very unnatural and could result in you ending up flat on the floor, with bruised ankles and a sore ego. Practice walking to music and try out songs with different beats and tempos. You will almost always be walking to music, so it is important to get the rhythm right. Don’t be afraid to create a signature walk. All the best models have them. This will make you stand out. Being remembered for your amazing, unique walk is a great achievement.

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