Three Keywords in Choosing a Wedding Dress

1. The color 

Nowadays wedding dress does not have to be white. As the time goes by, there are also pink, light orange, light blue, light purple, light green and light gray besides white, ivory and champagne colors. If you are cutting-edge and dare to be a pioneer, you can use some decoration in deep green, claret or deep purple colors. The wedding dress will be very special with the strong color contrast. 

By the way, actually it is not important what color it is. The importance is if the color matches your skin. If you are white people, Pure white wedding dress will be perfect. If you are a Asian and your skin tends to be yellow, please choose ivory as yellow skin is very natural and healthy in ivory. 

2. The style 

As to styles, there will be many different kinds. Here we would like to summarize them to be three kinds. The first is slim and floor- length. The second is mermaid style. The third is puffy with many layers and a train. The third kind is the dream of most brides. It is elegant, romantic and good for taking bridal photos. However, if you want a dress which is more convenient to reception on the big day, you can choose a slim A-line gown with a floor-length. As to the mermaid style, it is better not to touch it unless you are slim, tall and curvy.  

What looks well on models do not always look well on you. Therefore, it is necessary to try some dresses on before making the decision. However, do not order the dress too earlier. Some brides order dresses several months before the wedding. When their big day comes, their sizes are not the same as before and they are much slimmer because of the wedding planning things. Ordering the dress one month before the wedding is perfect. 

3.The details 

OK, after we have selected the color and style, we should focus on the details.  

If large-bust brides, you need a dress which is simple, plain and clean from the neck to belly area. A low-cut neckline will make your bust look smaller.  

If small-bust brides, you can choose the gowns which has draping, lace or beading around the bust area. This will make your bust full and also add a feminine touch to you. 

If heavy-weight brides, you can choose puffy styles but in simple cut. A little draping is necessary also to make a wonderful dress. 

If Petite brides, you need thick fabric with colorful decoration. This will make you fuller and dynamic. 

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