Stunning Silk Scarves and Shawls for Those Crisp Winter Walks

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It makes many aspects of our life safer, cleaner and easier. Yet, modern technology can also be detrimental. Too often, people sit stolidly in front of the computer or television instead of taking an opportunity to enjoy the physical and natural world. Sometimes, we think about going outside, but the thought of getting cold puts an end to such thoughts. In the winter months, we tend to hibernate, waiting for the warmer days of spring and summer before we take walks and get involved in anything outdoors.

Research shows walking to be among the most beneficial forms of exercise. Even when time is in short supply, you can go for a brisk walk in a nearby park or around the block. Doing so on a daily basis will help you feel better and increase your chances of a good night’s sleep. If you combine your walk with that of your friends’ it becomes a social exercise as well. This requires a commitment ensuring you will keep up the effort on a regular basis. Walking with friends makes the time pass more quickly. Better still, it is simple and, unlike jogging, demands nothing in the way of specialized equipment.

During the winter, however, it is essential you keep yourself warm. Doing so mean you will enjoy your walks and keep them up. Yet, winter clothing tends to be bulky. This interferes with the natural motion of the body and may cause the body to overheat too quickly. You can avoid this by employing silk shawls and scarves. These unique accessories keep you warm but are easy to remove when you become uncomfortably hot.

This may seem odd to you, but it is true silk is one of the best natural heat-retaining fabrics. This explains its use in the past as material for aviators’ scarves and its continued use as lining for high-end coats and jackets. The manufacturers and tailors only use 100{59c907933bffd9abc8d6afcbab9c9253712ff461b204691a540a981f1e37f408} pure silk. Fine craftspeople use this same quality fabric to make distinctive hand painted silk shawls and scarves.

Hand dyed silk scarves and hand painted shawls are extremely stylish accessories capable of matching almost any garment, including casual attire typical of being worn while taking a walk in a park. Wearing such fabrics is sure to add such a sensation of sumptuousness to even the plainest jean, sweater and jacket/coat combination, you will actually look forward to your daily walks as you will be able to show it off again-and-again making even walking in winter both a warm and joyful experience.

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