Stay Trendy, Not Tacky – Avoiding Dress Disasters of the Past 20 Years

Over the past 15 or 20 years, fashion designers have become more creative in their dress making. With the world’s attention on becoming “green”, many have resorted to recycling old and unused products into unusual dresses and other forms of clothing. Any kind of unconventional product can be made into a dress with a mountain of patience and oodles of time. Some of the most well known weird dresses have been constructed from credit cards, duct tape, porcelain, wire, and tax forms!

The most famous of these weird dresses is the credit card dress worn by fashion designer Lizzy Gardiner. Apparently, American Express donated 100 invalid credit cards to Lizzy. She then constructed the dress with the cards and think wire. The dress featured a hip length slit and spaghetti straps. She wore a gold lamey wrap with it as well, which accentuated her fair features.

Duct tape dresses have become the cornerstone of prom humor. The Duct Tape company has even started a scholarship fund for prom attendees that create the most unique and creative outfits that only use duct tape and paint in their design. Many prom goers have constructed unique and creative matching outfits strictly out of duct tape.

The porcelain dress is strangely beautiful, if not stiff, dress ever created. It features one layer of saudered metal and broken pieces of porcelain that are tied together with strong fabric to from a classic 50’s style popped neckline, knee length skirt with cap sleeves. The pieces are from broken Swedish porcelain that showcases the infamous blue bisque pattern.

Wire dresses are also a huge part of modern fashion. With some, they are the supporting frame for other materials like the a fore mentioned porcelain and credit cards, but yet still others are made with wire as their only material minus the covering fabric underneath. One such dress is the wire bird cage dress that recently graced the runway with live birds to boot!

The last dress that is weirdly wonderful is the Tax form dress. This dress was fashioned from thousands of blank and shredded pieces of tax forms. Its construction took almost two months to complete and almost as long to design. The only thing holding the tiny strips of paper together is tape. One wrong move and your governmental dress is destroyed!

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