Retro Trainers For Fashion Forward Tots

Parents that spoil their children with designer clothing is nothing new in today’s society but a recent report shows that parents are now more dedicated than ever to making sure their kids are wearing the coolest clothing and accessories regardless of the cost.

2010 has seen some outrageous fashion trends especially when it comes to childrens wear. This trend started on the star studded streets of Hollywood with Celebrities dressing their children in nothing but the biggest designer brands. Suri Cruise is one of the most fashionable tots on the celebrity circuit and is known for being a budding fashionista. Whatever Suri wears you can guarantee that a string of celebrity mums will be dressing their little girls in the same outfits. This trend has caught on in the UK with parents even going in to debt to fund their childrens fashion choices.

The latest fashion trend to make a come back involves retro sportswear and trainers and can be spotted on celebrities and their children alike. The retro trend is popular due to it being both trendy and practical. Retro trainers are cute and comfy and offer the best of both worlds. The Cruise family has faced criticism from the press for condoning their four year old daughter Suri wearing high heals on a number of outings.

There are many different opinions when it comes to kids fashion but many parents have found it is quite difficult to keep up with celebrity mums and dads. Retro trainers are set to be big for 2011 and are an affordable addition to any wardrobe.

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