Quick Questions For Web Design

Quick Questions For Web Design

Help! I Need A Web Designer!

You want a web site, a forum, your own social marketing program, a checkout, a subscription service… other sites across the web have these things: how do you get yours?

And how do you get your prospective clients to find you, and better still, like your site?

The products you sell may sell themselves, you may have the best services on offer, but you need a good design to keep visitors on your landing page: you need a web designer.

Here is a straightforward checklist of the most basic considerations and questions when considering a web design company or individual.

How much does it cost?

(You get what you pay for, right?)

Cost can mean a number of things:

You could pay an individual freelance web designer an hourly fee on a 15 hour project;

You may be charged a fixed fee per page on your website, so consider how many pages do you need;

You might buy a fixed-price package from a web design company, because the offer fills your requirements.

How much is your budget?

How much experience does your designer have?

A cheaper website designer may not be as accomplished as a more expensive option – can you afford to have your site redone?

Would a redesign of an existing site be a more affordable solution?

What are you getting for your money?

(What are you paying for, anyway?)

Designers and developers have 2 things you want: experience and knowledge.

Consider what your own site will require from a programming point of view, and be sure to choose the web designer with the right experience.

Can the designer use media (video, mp3s)?

Can the designer use databases (if required), and use PHP, SQL?

Does the designer have experience with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal?

What can the designer show you that they have done in the past? (They may have built a site before that is just what you need!)

What about help and support?

(Who are you paying for, anyway?)

Any working relationship depends on successful dialogue for the betterment of the final project, and web design is no different.

Choosing the right web designer for the job will rely on other factors outside of money and ability.

Do you have a workable timeframe to complete the project by?

What sort of support is offered (if any) after completion?

How adaptable is the designer, and what times are you able to contact them?

Do you feel comfortable talking to your designer? We’re (almost) all human, after all.

Does the designer have any ideas or examples that may help your site?

Ask the questions that you need answers for, and there are a lot more questions than just these few. The right choice of web designer, from the private designer to web design company, is an important step towards the future success of your business, and in some examples can lead to a long and successful partnership.

The right choice will always be a balance between budget, abilities and execution: the very best of luck to you in the future!

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