Protecting Yourself in High Fashion With Pepper Spray

Women everywhere need a means of protecting themselves from predators and unwelcome advances. Yet, we have also heard the warnings about carrying items which may be used to harm us if our attackers are able to take possession of them. This is of concern to women everywhere. We do not want to be at the mercy of someone else and need a way to ensure we are not harmed. Defending ourselves is easier than we think with a disguised pepper spray. The come in forms of handy little tubes of lipstick pagers or pens. Even if your attacker sees this item, he will not think anything of it as women everywhere carry these items.

A disguised spray allows you to protect yourself from an attack as one spray blinds your assailant allowing you time to run away and call for help. The product looks just like the real item, therefore making it inconspicuous. These items can be placed in your purse, your little handbag or even in the pocket of your jeans without calling attention to itself. The benefits cannot be overlooked when it comes to taking care of yourself and your personal safety.

These products range from $12.95 to $19.95. The lip stick spray has a choice of three styles of lipstick tubes. The Lipstick Pepper Round Spray comes in five colors, sprays up to six feet and has enough liquid to provide five 1 second bursts. The heart shaped version, on the other hand, is only offered in pink and black and contains 3/4 ounce of pepper spray. Last, but not least, is the triangular version which also comes in black and pink and has 3/4 ounce of spray. Choose the one that fits best with your personality and fashion tastes as you do not want your lipstick pepper spray to be noticeable or look out of place with your other makeup and fashion accessories.

The pepper pager contains two 10{59c907933bffd9abc8d6afcbab9c9253712ff461b204691a540a981f1e37f408} spray canisters. You can deliver up to 12 on second shots up to 12 feet. No need to worry about this unit going off accidentally; the pepper pager has a built in safety lock.

The pepper pen is a very unique item. It look just like a top of the line designer pen. You can get up to 10 shots up to 8 feet with this designed pepper spray model.

No matter which form of defense spray you choose, just know that you have selected a non-lethal self defense method which many women choose to use. One squirt and your attacker is momentarily blinded while multiple bursts can leave him incapacitated up to 45 minutes. The effects of a spray to the face include coughing and sneezing as well as difficulty in breathing, yet there are no long term effects. This provides the time for you to get away and obtain assistance if needed.

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