Polished Concrete Floors: New Fashion Trend In Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown

NYC has been the leader in interior design trends for many decades, so architects and designers all over the world notice what is popular in Uptown, midtown, and downtown New York. When it comes to floor treatments, polished concrete has become a top choice all over NYC. It is both beautiful and durable so it’s no wonder that it is everywhere in the Big Apple. Many New Yorkers however, may be surprised that the sophisticated stone floors in the most stylish shops on Madison Avenue and some of the legendary lobbies of Broadway theaters are actually polished concrete.

New technological improvements and decorative innovations have turned the old cement floor into a high end design choice that many businesses prefer to stone, wood, or tile. Since polished concrete can take on the look of expensive materials like granite, marble, or slate but is less expensive and more durable, it gives NYC businesses the financial advantage they need in these demanding times.

Every business in New York has to stand out if it’s going to get noticed. Real estate is expensive, so small spaces need to produce big results and since NYC is a walking city, floors get heavy and constant use. A trendy loft studio in Soho needs to maintain a cutting edge style, but it also has to continuously look good and be easy to maintain. The atrium and hallways of world leading financial institutions need to project an air of dignity and distinction during the sweltering New York summers as well as the snowy and slushy winters. When the doorman opens the ornate doors of a NYC hotel or high rise, the floor that is revealed must be magnificent both early morning and late at night for the city that never sleeps.

Polished concrete is so versatile, it works in all sorts of buildings all over NYC, and just like the great actors that perform on Broadway, it can take on many roles. If the floor is new or the existing cement slab is in good condition, stain can be added and the surface is polished with specialized machinery. These stains come in a wide range of colors so almost any color scheme can be matched.

Self-leveling concrete and concrete overlays can be added to the existing surface to expand design options. Self-leveling concrete is used to correct damaged or uneven floors and range from ΒΌ” to 1 inch thick. Overlays are usually thinner. A textured skin can be placed over the wet cement to produce various effects which mimic natural stone. The top surface can be saw cut to create the illusion of tile, brick, or patio stone. Terracotta, glass, or color chips can also be added to the wet concrete to produce even more design choices.

In NYC individuality is essential. Every polished concrete floor has its own unique and subtle patterns, so every floor is one of a kind. Of course New York is also a historic city. Thousands of old, classic buildings are part of the cityscape. When these structures are remodeled, designers try to respect the structure and existing materials. Since polished concrete uses the existing cement base, the interior design integrity is easy to honor. It’s also an environmentally smart choice. By using existing material, no lumber, petroleum based products or other resources need to be used. No toxic or expensive chemicals are needed to clean polished concrete either. It cleans up nicely with just simple soap and water.

Finally, no discussion about NYC interiors would be complete without mentioning top name designers. Custom colors and designs are now available for polished concrete. Since each floor is individually designed, owners and designers can infuse their own aesthetic vision into every floor.

NYC visitors and residents no longer just look up at the sky scrapers, now they also look down and admire the polished concrete that adds to the rhythm and splendor of the Big Apple.

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