Large Blason Bracelet and Rock on Cherub Bracelet

If you happen to have some extra money, let’s say, $50,700.00, what will you buy? Different people may come out with various answers. To most Louis Vuitton fans, they are considering buy two pieces of fine jewelry made from yellow gold and diamond-Large Blason Bracelet and Rock on Cherub Bracelet.

Both bracelets are the cooperation creation of Pharrell Williams and Camille Miceli. As already a worldly famous record producer and recording artist, Pharrell Williams’ genius as a fashion designer is relatively less known. And the two bracelets unveil his talent in fashion design without reservation. While Camille Miceli, a long time Louis Vuitton Jewelry designer, never fails to present us surprise.

The Blason Bracelet revisits the idea of aristocracy: its manner as well as its luxurious life style. On this spectacular gold cuff the LV coat of arms flips to reveal a dazzling diamond paving. It is made from yellow gold paved with 94 white diamonds and engraved with a Louis Vuitton coat of arms. This large sized bracelet is priced at $26200.

The Rock on Cherub Bracelet’ theme was inspired by Raphaelite angels. And this romantic “Toi et Moi” bracelet is at once beautiful and original. “Toi et Moi” means “You and Me” in English, thus the implication of this bracelet is obvious. What’s interesting is that the angles are actually holding diamonds. It is made from yellow gold set with white diamonds. A man wears such a bracelet must has a sincere promise to love. It is priced at $24500.

As I view it, the two bracelets are perfect in every detail except for its hefty price. However, if you happen to have such amount of spare money, it is worth buying. After all, gold is a wise investment.

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