Kimbo Slice’s Next Fight

EliteXC heavyweight Ken Shamrock thieved the spotlight in the wake of “Primetime” on CBS “Saturday Night Fights” last weekend, calling out Kimbo Slice for his weak showing against James Thompson in the main event of the evening. Rogers who obliterated “The Colossus” in the first round at EliteXC: “Urban Certification” earlier this year – made a point to needle Slice in the post-fight press conference, which nearly led to an altercation on the podium.

The World’s Most Dangerous Human has kept a steady monotony of criticism rolling throughout the week, saying that Slice should either “step up or step aside.” Slice has remained silent for most of the public relations assault. While nothing is official, Kimbo Slice has accepted Brett Rogers’ challenge, telling Bas Rutten on radio that the fight is on perhaps sometime after his bout with Shamrock in October.

Short of calling out Kimbo Slice’s maternal parent, Rogers did and said just about everything he could to make this fight happen. And evidently it worked, even though Elite XC Live Events President Gary Shaw indicated immediately following the fight that it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. If it is indeed truthful and Rogers and Slice didn’t just set this up themselves in the media it could start a fashion show. If it’s as easy as posting a challenge up on a Website and saying some crude phrases at a press conference, then Kimbo Slice might have a line out the door after his next fight.

Methodically this is a fight Kimbo Slice should fear. Yes, Ken Shamrock is the larger fighter and Kimbo Slice just had a rough time with Tank’s size, but Rogers is a different fighter than Shamrock. He wants to strike with his enemies, which is Kimbo’s meal ticket. The knocks on Kimbo have been his inexperience and ground game. People have questioned his striking, and now Brett Rogers will most likely look to prove Kimbo is all hype by beating him at his own thing.

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