How to Rock With a Silver Feather Necklace

A man can equally rock a necklace just like women. No, and that certainly does not mean that it always has to be rocked by celebrities or your favorite actor on TV, but it can be you as well. The times had gone when it only used to be a fashion statement of the rock stars on stage or some band artist playing heavy metal. That necklace with a beautiful feather tag can be yours too. All you need is the right length and the right attitude to flaunt it well. The neck accessory just like any other accessory is an excellent way to enhance the beauty of your ensemble. Here are a few ways you can rock it.

V-neck shirts

The silver feather necklace goes best with V-neck shirts since it consists of a resplendent wallet chain. It looks both sensitive and masculine on most of the men. You just might find yourself standing all tempted with the prospect of wearing and buying neck accessory. Once you have these types of shirts that display a hint of the chest, there is nothing cooler than this. Again, a shirt like this with an accessory of the neck must make it to your grand events. This is because all you want to look is luxurious and attractive.

Cue from professionals

You may want to take cues from experts in this regard when you want to flaunt that silver feather necklace. A special TV viewing helps a great deal in teaming this neck accessory well with all other outfits. The idea is to look insanely dapper and not tacky. Therefore you will not want to miss out on the fashion ideas. Pair it well with a solid color tee a black might just well work wonders in this direction. However, it is entirely your discretion when picking the color of your tee.

Pair them well

A good neck accessory demands to be paired well with other accessories as well. Hence, do your homework as to what will take a look a few notches higher. You cannot go wrong with a pretty accessory like a ring, a pair of good cufflinks and a necktie. It is not going to be something that is essentially going to be a part of you r daily wardrobe hence, wear it in style. You would not want any fashion fallouts in this direction.

Worth it

No one will question as to how much you paid for that neck accessory, in fact, a positive attitude will speak volumes about your character. The trick regarding them as stated above is not to stack a lot of them. A single neck accessory is all that you need for you to be noticed as subtle. Men with slender and long necks look good, but it is also the short neck people who can equally rock such type of accessories. More often than not they are bound to be hidden behind the tee or shirt that you are wearing. Therefore it is always advisable to consider the rest of the wardrobe you should be wearing with it.

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