How to Manicure Nails at Home Professionally

A weekly manicure can help in keeping your nails healthy and beautiful. Our hands are one of the most overlooked body parts; we should be more conscious about taking proper care of our them at home, so that they grow faster, become stronger and look beautiful.

Have you ever thought of how to manicure nails at home? Well, it is possible, and the steps are quite simple. Professional manicures done at the salons are relatively expensive treats, usually perfect for a special event or occasion, or simply when you need some pampering. But when your daily life is concerned, it could add up to $12-$15 per week. So, you can save some money if you learn how to manicure at home.

Leading you to the scoop – all that you need for a perfect, professional manicure at home:

• Nail Polish Remover
• Nail Clippers
• Nail File
• Cuticle Softener
• Buffer
• Cuticle Pusher
• Warm Water
• Nail Polish
• Cotton Balls

Now, let’s begin.

Nail Polish Removing

The first step is to remove all signs of nail polish. Using cotton balls and nail polish remover, you can clean your nails properly. Use good quality polish remover, containing acetone, which is an effectual solvent for removing paint from nails.

Trim and Shape your Nails

Using nail clippers, trim your nails properly. Maintain the desired length. If you want to wear bold and bright colors, keep them short. You can give oval, round or square shape to them, according to your wish.

File your Nails

Nail filing is one of the most important parts of nail art. It helps in giving proper shape to them and makes them look even. File them only in one direction, starting at the edge and moving towards the top.

Warm Water Soak

Once you are done with trimming and filing, it’s time to soak your nails in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. You can use a bit of soap for cleaning the nails within. Soaking in warm water also helps in softening cuticles. Using a soft manicure brush, you can clean them properly, inside out.

Remove Cuticles

Cuticles are the unsightly layers of skin that tends to appear around your nails. Use a quality cuticle softener, massaging it gently onto the cuticles to soften them further. Then, use the cuticle pusher and push these cuticles gently downwards, removing them from the bed. You can use the cuticle remover to snip away cuticle build up gently.

Apply a Lotion

Apply a good hand lotion that will keep your hands and nails soft. Get rid of those patchy and dry layers of skin.

Pick a Color for your Nails

It’s time to pick up a color – choose the hue that’s on your mind. You can go trendy or hip, according to your liking.

Apply Nail Polish

You can now apply your chosen nail polish. You must ensure that you are applying the polish well; use a base coat, the nail color and top coat to give that gorgeous look. Apply three strokes – one stroke from the bottom of the tip of your nail, going through middle, and two curvy strokes to fill in either side.

Brighten your Nails

After applying the base coat, let it dry. Then, apply nail color in two coats. Apply 3 strokes of color on each nail, and let it dry.

Cover up with Top Coat

Now, it’s time to protect your nails, and the best way is to cover it up with a top coat. It will protect the manicure and give a long-lasting shine.

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