How to Find a Vintage Wedding Dress That is Affordable and Appropriate for Your Wedding Day

Modern day brides are taking their weddings into their own hands these days and making their own rules as they happily throw conventions to the wind. It used to be those that wore a vintage wedding dress for their big day, wore dresses handed down from generation to generation. It was not unusual back in the day for several generations of women to be married in the same dress. In our more modern throw away society; many women haven’t been keeping their dresses to hand down to other family members.

That doesn’t mean you can’t wear a vintage wedding gown for your wedding day. There are many places for you to search for the perfect dress to suit the look you are striving for on your most special of days. Not only will it give a sense of continuity to your wedding, it is sure to save you lots of money that can better be spent on dining and entertainment for the reception.

What to Avoid When Looking for a Vintage Wedding Gown

No matter how you feel about a particular dress, avoid those that have any stains. Getting a stain out of regular clothing is hard enough, and worrying how to remove a stain on a piece of clothing that will stand as one of the centerpieces of the wedding is not something about which you should worry.

If you see there is damage to the dress, finding a fabric to match the gown may be difficult. You may find it impossible to repair without their being a noticeable difference and this will only add to your levels of stress. Watch out for really old dresses as well. Fabric deteriorates over a period of time, and you do not want any unforeseen mishaps to your dress as you are exiting the limousine and going into the church.

Keep in mind that older dresses and gowns will have sizes that are different from the standards we use now. It seems that people are getting wider and taller and that will need to be taken into account. Have someone qualified take your measurements and bring them with you whenever you go out, whether to work or shopping. When you are looking for a vintage wedding gown to make your day even more unique, you never know when you might spy something that will spark your interest as you are out and about.

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