Gel Nails – Nail Dangles – Hot Fashion Trend in Nail Art

Nail beauty is no more limited to just a coating of your favorite nail color. It has gone beyond that conventional decorating to accommodate new styles and designs such as the use of nail dangles. The beautification of nails has seen a sea change in the past couple of years that has transformed from the basic manicure and nail paint to accommodate different types of nail art designs. It has now in fact become almost an industry that caters to innovation creation of different kinds of nail products. It is just not anymore an extension of the fashion industry; it is a fashion cult all by itself.

The hip and trendy nail dangles are no exceptions that come in various different styles, designs and patterns. All you need to do is choose the one that you think will suit your nails and you are on your way to showoff a set of stunners. You can find these dainty accessories in a variety of types such as dangles made out of metals, crystals, swarovski, sterling silver and floating beads. Then there are dangles that carry the festival theme such as Christmas, Halloween or symbolize a special significance such as Cause Awareness Dangles.

The designs are varied, unique and utterly creative. You can take your pick from a plethora of designs such as animals inspired designs that would ideally include butterfly, rabbit, dolphin, horseshoe, fish, bird etc. Other popular designs include geometric shapes, leaves, flowers, stars, moons, hearts, cupid, teddy bear, cross, cowboy boot, etc. Even in Swarovski you will find quite a variety that includes various precious Swarovski colored stones such as topaz, sapphire, rose, tanzanite, emerald, crystal amethyst and aquamarine. If you want to add a bit of a fairytale touch you can even choose your favorite Disney character for a nail dangle such as a Mickey or Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck or Pluto. For those who like to glow in the dark, there’s even the option of choosing dangles that glow in the dark and come in pretty colors.

The best way to beautify your nails with dangles is through piercing which allows you to drill a hole in your nail and place the ring. For this you need to first drill a hole through the underside of the nail so that you know only the nail part is being drilled. You need to twist the drill back and forth in order to make a hole and once it’s done you can gently insert one end of the ring into the hole and close it.

It is important to put a topcoat polish where the ends of the ring meet in order to cement it further. Piercing you nails doesn’t hurt and this definitely adds more permanence and reduces the risk of your nail dangle coming apart anytime and anywhere. So next time you decide to try out something unique with your nails, do opt for nail dangles that will surely add a glamorous sheen and make them stand out wherever you go.

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