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What is it about fashion that gets us all worked up into a trendy frenzy where we just have to have the latest designs from Christian Dior or Donatella Versace? Your irresistible passion for fashion can be unhealthy for your pocket. It is not uncommon for women to downsize on a loaf to that of a crumb on the dining table so she can wear clothes tagged with expensive designer labels.

Remember that fashion designers are not paying the price on the tag like you. If you can not afford Jimmy Choo shoes, fine, go find something similar, it makes sense. For every new creation donned on a boutique mannequin, you can bet there is a replica of that exact design to be found elsewhere at half the price. It is at times like this, if you are handy with a needle and cotton then the world is your oyster. All items of clothing is tailored made this way, so what makes Versace’s thread any different to yours to be able to charge extortionate prices

Updates on what is new in the fashion world, is brought to our attention via the catwalk modelled by off balance out of rhythm long legged striding models who parade up and down dressed in Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood designs for the world to see?. Famous fashion designer creations are viewed by thousands and sadly a great percentage of that number will be wearing them also. Not wanting to burst your bubble but this is a sure sign to say that what you wear is not unique or original. Why not change all that now and become the new chic you, in style, in manner and personality. Clothes will always tell a story about the person wearing them. How many people have you criticised because of their clothes. Have you ever passed a silent comment under your breath because a person`s attire looks hideous? If so, then it does not have to be pointed out that these same assumptions from other people will apply to you also.

Are you an avid follower of fashion and find it costly to keep up with the latest trends, fret not make your own. Fashion magazines have all the gossip on who is wearing what. Keep a mental snapshot in mind of your favourite designer Versace dress, shoes or jewellery, this will help motivate you into becoming your very own personal fashion designer.

What you need to make a necklace.

Tiger-tail and crimp beads


Wire cutters

Round nose, chain nose, or crimping pliers

8 4mm beads colour of your choice

Tiger-tail is thin nylon-coated steel cable. It is strong, durable, and rigid. However it can kink, so be careful. Soft-flex can be used and is similar but much softer and less prone to kinking. Decide how much space you want between the beads, 2 inch spaces between each threaded bead is very fetching. Necklace can be long or short, personal preference prevails.

Snip a piece of tiger-tail to the length required. Slide a crimp bead and one part of the clasp onto the tiger-tail. Slide the tiger-tail back through the crimp bead, pull it tight, and then flatten the crimp bead with pliers so it stays. It can be a fiddly job but a very rewarding one. Prepare an area where you will not be disturbed and place all your bits and bobs onto a piece of card, this will help keep your lines level.


Plain shoes are very easily decorated. A little glue a pair of tweezers and a steady hand can have you add bows, sequins, beads, pearls even fine link chains. Flowers can also be used, nuts and bolts if you like.

Charity shops are a great place to buy frocks. Check the buy and sell column in the newspaper for bargains. The plainer the dress, the easier you will find to decorate i.e. lace shoulder throw over. Neck scarf plaited around the neck, choker tight or loose. Satin sashes circling the waist or sloping on the hip even coloured rope. Frayed rope neck pieces go well with a straw hat (no noose please). Hats is the icing on the cake for setting off an outfit; they can be decorated too match your dress shoes and jewellery.

Fashion is it not all about the actual clothing item; it is how you dress it up that makes an outfit.

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