False Nails – From French Style To Fantasy Nail Tips

The term false nails covers a large variety of different nail styles. The following list will give you an idea of what this term covers:

French Tips – false nails in a French manicure style.

Coloured false nails – false nails in a variety of colours, similar to you using a polish on your own natural fingernails.

Full Cover – A design has been painted on the full tip.

Half Cover – The design does not cover the full nail, for example the nail tip may be clear with flowers dotted across the nail tip but you can still see the clear tip in places.

The Shape – The actual shape of the tips vary greatly, for example French style would have a straight edge.

Nail Art – A design or picture is added to the tip.

3D Nail Art – as well as a design or picture, nail art products such as nail art rhinestones would be added to the nails designs.

Length – You can get short, medium or long length tips. Remember that you can also alter the length of the longer tips to suit yourself. Just make sure that you have the correct tools (eg tip cutter) or you risk the tips cracking or splitting.

Fantasy Nail Tips – These long false nails are an extreme length, for example the longest one could be 10cm and the shortest 7cm. They won’t be very practical for doing the dishes or typing, however, they will be very dramatic.

The majority of ladies (and sometimes even men) get these fantasy nail tips in a clear or white and they then add their own polish or their own nail art.

As long as you use the correct materials, you can remove the polish from the fantasy nail tips and re-do with a different colour. Therefore you get 2 or more uses from the one set of false tips.

If you do choose to purchase fantasy nail tips be prepared to be noticed, they don’t exactly blend into the background. Particularly if they are painted bold colours such as red or purple.

These extra long nail tips are great for doing nail art on as they are like an extra big canvas.

As you can see there are a large variety of products available, if you usually stick to the one type it would be well worth trying out some of the other types available.

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