Exhibition Graphics: Essential Graphic Design Tips For Trade Show Displays And Exhibition Stands

Create simple and effective messages

Whatever message the graphics are meant to communicate, should create the maximum possible impact and be memorable for the viewers. Your products should be placed prominently on the display stand as a call-to-action. Keep your message simple, yet effective. Any additional information or business literature that you want to provide your visitors should be placed next to the stand so that the stand itself looks simple, uncluttered and memorable. Whether your goal is to increase enquiries, to make sales or simply to improve awareness, your graphics should be able to help you achieve it.

Perfect graphic positioning

To attract your audiences’ attention, the positioning of the graphics has to be perfect. You must ensure that they are placed prominently at your booth and be seen clearly all through the venue. It is also important for the messages and images to be positioned appropriately within the design. All important information should be placed in the top parts of the display so that people can see it easily. Reserve the bottom part of the display for your website URL, so that the audience sees this information after being attracted by the visual.

Captivate your audience

A busy exhibition or trade show won’t give you as much time to captivate your audience as an online presence. You will have only a few seconds to grab their attention, so make your graphics effective. Utilise the limited space available to you in the best possible manner by displaying interesting and vibrant images. Your company’s name should be displayed, but does not have to be the key feature, unless you are launching a new business. Whatever you are there to sell should be displayed at eye level to generate the strongest impact.

Less is more

Since you have limited time and space, don’t make your design too complex. Keep your displays simple and clutter-free. Any important text elements should be in bullet points to give prominence to important information. Keep the background colour in perspective while including text. Coloured or busy backgrounds can make text very difficult to read. If you are unsure about something, choose the minimal option to make it highly effective. Initially, focus on captivating your customers, you can impress later with your remarkable facts and figures.

Excellent graphic design can make all the difference and if all this sounds overwhelming, there are many exhibition stand contractors who can provide appropriate guidance for your graphic needs. You can look for graphic designers online and make your selection based on the images displayed on their websites. After all, you would want to your trade show display to create the best impression on your potential clients. You also want the right people to be attracted to your stand, the ones who will buy your products. Since you are a unique organisation, your graphics should be a reflection of this.

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