DIY Gray Striped Nail Art

DIY Gray Striped Nail Art

For the past couple of seasons, gray continues to be a popular color for manicures and pedicures. Gray nail art is no different. You can create a wide variety of gray nail designs that are great for manicures and pedicures for this fall, winter, or any season.

Check out these step-by-step instructions to create your own pretty gray striped manicure with beads.

Materials Needed for Gray Beaded Manicure
Be sure to gather these materials before starting your gray manicure:

• Black Velvet nail polish
• Regular white polish
• Light Brown polish
• Apple Red polish
• Sheer Bliss polish for topcoat
• Round Beads
• Instant Glue
• Empty polish bottle

Steps to Create Gray Striped Nail Art
You can easily create your own style of gray manicures and pedicures at home. Use these tips to create a gray beaded and striped nail art manicure:

1. Mix Black Velvet polish and regular white polish in an empty bottle to create the ultimate gray polish color. Shake the bottle well. If you don’t have an empty bottle, you can also mix the nail polish on a palette or even a piece of cardboard.
2. Apply the blended nail polish color as basecoat.
3. Paint three diagonal lines alternately using two different nail polishes. Use light brown nail polish first then Apple Red nail polish.
4. Use nail art glue to paste the beads starting from the Apple Red diagonal line up to the tip of your nails.
5. To protect your nails and make your gray manicure last longer, consider applying clear nail polish as a topcoat.

This is just one example of a gray nail art manicure. You can create the same design for a pedicure or you can modify the design to your liking, using different colored strips, like pink and white or blue and yellow or purple and green. Mix the stripes up any way you like. You can also include the beads or skip that part if you don’t care for that particular style for your own nails.

Gray pedicures and manicures can be great looks for fall, winter, spring, or summer, depending on your personal style. The art can be neutral or bold depending on how you embellish it. If you have a good idea for gray nail art, leave us a comment so all can enjoy!

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