Designing Your Own Wedding Dress

Finding the right wedding dress will keep a bride up more nights during the wedding planning process than nearly anything else. When the internet searches, bridal shoppe appointments and hundreds of magazine photos have netted nothing but aggravation, designing your own wedding dress may be the answer. Whether you’re a bride searching for a petite gown that just isn’t on the racks or a bride wanting to wow her husband-to-be with an ultimate creation, designing a customized dress may be the perfect solution. With the right design ideas and professional assistance, brides can walk down the aisle in the dress they have dreamed of without having to settle for what was at the store.

Selecting a Design

Before meeting with a designer, it can help to have in hand ideas that you were looking to incorporate in to your dress. Whether it is magazine cutouts, photos or swatches of fabrics, these items can help a designer interpret your requests. A trip to a bridal salon can help with the decision process even if you are not planning to purchase. Having your dressmaker with you for your appointment could certainly help, but at a minimum, explain to the bridal consultant that you are looking for the best silhouette for your figure. This will better enable your consultant to show you a variety of styles, from A-lines, to ball gowns to detailing such as strapless or spaghetti straps. The major characteristics are very important during the design phase.

While visiting the salon, take the opportunity to try on veils and to consider accessories that you would like to have such as jewelry or purses. By taking a trip to the bridal salon, it will also help a bride to see details such as bead styles and patterns, fabric types and design features such as train lengths. It is often difficult to envision these items so taking the time to try them on ahead of time is important.

Looking for a Dressmaker

If there are no friends and family with a sewing talent, there are many different ways to start your search for a dressmaker. The bridal shows and the internet can get you in touch with several experienced dressmakers. Working from referrals offers the most amount of reassurance about the quality of the designer’s work. Local design schools are also likely to have a pool of comparatively inexpensive dress design students. Be sure to be cognizant of professionalism no matter who you select as your designer. A designer that is reasonable to get ahold of, that is on time for appointments and who is open to your suggestions will make a great partner for such a special design project.

Customizing your own wedding dress can be a unique way to personalize your celebration. Having just the right wedding gown that is the style, color and fit that was meant for you can make a wedding day even more special and memorable. When designing your own wedding dress, it is important to consider your wedding planning schedule to ensure you have left enough time for adequate design, construction and fittings. Being up front with your designer with budget and timing will help to resolve any issues that could potentially be an unfortunate surprise at a time when you least need it.

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