Crocs Shoes Rock!

From a small office in Boulder Colorado, nobody knew how Crocs came to be as big a hit as it is today. Imagine…..Crocs shoes were intended and designed, initially, for boating excursions and outdoor activities. One of the primary reasons why Crocs hit the right note with consumers in the United States when they were first introduced in 2002 was the fact that they’re made of a never-before-heard-of material that made it completely non-slip! As the market caught on and more and more people began liking Crocs and showing them off to their friends and family, Crocs literally flew off the shelves and they became one of the fastest-growing consumer products in the world!

Crocs did not have a huge marketing campaign and the company relied heavily on their satisfied customers to help their company grow. Yes, with only a small marketing campaign, the growth and popularity of Crocs shoes was ‘accidental’ because word spread via word of mouth. People bought it, liked it, talked about it and sang beautiful songs about the wonders of wearing these shoes. Others bought it, loved it and recommended Crocs to THEIR friends and family. And this is how Crocs grew. If you’ve never worn a Crocs before, you will fall in love with its lightweight plastic barely-there feel! When it was first manufactured in Quebec Canada, the first model of non-marking shoes sold out time and time again every time they reproduced each model. Soon, Crocs became more than just outdoor shoes or slip-ons…..they became a fashion fad!

Why, you must be asking, are these shoes so popular….to an extent that people are comparing notes on which Crocs shoes is better, which color is a better shade, which design is the latest…etc? Weighing in at barely 6 ounces, Crocs shoes are popular because of the comfort it provides the owner and it’s also popular because of its unique designs and vibrant colors.

From a practical point of view, owning one pair of Crocs shoes is more than enough. After all, this is the kind of footwear that is meant to last for a long time to come! But even with a long lifespan, more and more people are snapping them up as soon as new models are released. As said, Crocs is a growing fashion fad and from the looks of it, this fad isn’t about to die off so soon.

In fact, some consumers have gone as far as to say that owning a pair of Crocs is not at all unlike owning a pair of really good Nike. You will have trouble stopping just at one.

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