Christian Dior Women’s Designer Shoes – Are They the Best For Women’s Classic Heels?

Fashion is the love of clothes, and fashion accessories, and shoes make up a great deal of that love of fashion. Some of the best designers like Christian Dior, Jimmy Choo & Manolo Blahnik have some of the most sophisticated, hip and chic trends in footwear and accessories, although this time the focus is on Christian Dior womens designer shoes. Christian Dior footwear speaks of femininity and modern edgy trends at the same time.

If you have recently looked through your closet and seen that you are missing a few of the basic shoes you need then Christian Dior is where you need to go. Its said that every woman needs a pair of classic black low heeled, and a classic pair of black high heeled shoes, and Christian Dior is the perfect designer for the perfectly elegant classic shoe.

Another important shoe you should have in your wardrobe is the metallic high heeled sandal. These make any outfit looked elegant whether you are on your way to a red carpet event or just an evening dinner.

Christian Dior is known to be the designer who changed women’s fashion and women’s footwear is no different. Known for his knee high western style boots, and glamorous ankle boots , the Dior line continues to be innovative and chic. Standard Dior colors tend to be blacks and browns and include silver buckle designs in most of their shoe lines.

Christian Dior includes the classy, stylish and elegant high heeled shoe, western shoes, unique styles and even sneakers. Most styles come in neutral colors or bright toned down colors. Some of the unique styles include their thigh High boots, and denim heels.

The Dior Story

Today Christian Dior Stores can be found in Paris, Milan, Rome, New York, Tokyo, Beverly Hills, Hong Kong, Madrid, New Delhi, Barcelona, Rome, London and Shanghai, but it wasn’t always so. Christian Dior was born in 1905 in Normandy France. His family, who owned a fertilizer company, hoped that he would become a politician, but Dior was more interested in the arts. He studied political science in college to please his parents, but afterwards Dior decided to open an art gallery and sell paintings. The family business suffered losses causing him to have to close the gallery. Later he worked with Robert Piguet and was a primary designer along with Pierre Balmain. Finally in the mid forties he went into business again as a designer..

During WWII fashion style had turned boxy and conservative, Dior changed that by becoming more voluptuous with busty bodices and these new designs were what drew peoples attention. Today Dior shoes, accessories and fashion are among the most sophisticated, elite, and elegant around.

Hollywood Stars And Christian Dior Shoes

Hollywood has had a love affair going on with Christian Dior ever since the late 40’s. Today the stars still prefer Christian Dior for red carpet affairs. Among the fans are Winona Ryder, and Charlize Theron, and many others. There are probably few Stars who don’t have at least one pair of Christian Dior shoes.

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