Can I Have a Fancy Nancy Party Mom?

When your daughter asks “Mom, can I have a Fancy Nancy party?” you can say yes right away. It’s really easy to plan a Fancy Nancy party! Nancy is a loveable character from a series of books with the same name. She likes fancy things…clothes, accessories, ice cream and even words. So there is your party theme and your decorating ideas all rolled into one!Tea parties are pretty fancy occasions and they are easy to plan and prepare for. Paper doilies are perfect to help you decorate. Use them to make your party invitations. Put them under your tea cups just because they look so pretty! Put everything on them from finger sandwiches with the crust of the bread cut off to cupcakes or mini pastries! It’s such a simple idea but it works.Want to decorate? Well, if you have more doilies left you can glue some of them onto helium filled latex balloons!

All those little girls will enjoy a fun party activity and your paper doilies will be able to help you out there. Use some of the lace cut paper as part of a craft activity for your party. Let your little ladies make a Victorian card for their parents. Use glitter, glue and some colored paper to decorate the cards with. Glue the colored paper to the center of the doily and fold it in half. You’ve got a lacy card in a half moon shape. Pre-print some poems on the colored papers so your guests will only have to decorate and sign them. You can also supply some stickers or clip art you have printed from your computer for the girls to use as decorations. Homemade cards are so easy to make and it’s lots of fun doing it.

Fancy Nancy loves to dress up! She is usually in a tiara and sparkly shoes, her dresses have frills and there are decorations in her hair…so you can have some lovely sparkly gifts for your young tea drinkers. Glittery nail polish or lip gloss, feather pens or even socks with lace around the ankles are ideal party favors. A wonderful party gift would be a tiara for each girl…that will make her feel as special as a Princess!You can find lots of party supplies to use with this theme…it’s very popular with girls right now. Plates, cups, napkins, party favor boxes…there is even a Pinata with Fancy Nancy on it. Buy your supplies or make them…This is one fun birthday party idea for your little girl!

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