Buying a Leather Jacket For Women

Most women have a closet that contains a few jackets. A very popular type is the leather variety. This is because they come in many styles, are versatile, and go with many outfits, such as simply pairing them with jeans. When it comes to buying a leather jacket for women, there are a few things to look into so the right choice can be made. Here are some of them.

The classic leather jacket is the type most stores carry and is never the wrong choice. These are always in the color black and have a medium length. They tend to hit right at the hip or go down to the mid thigh. These have been around for a long time and the design and overall look of them are considered classic and still very fashionable.

For those that want to splurge a little on getting a designer leather jacket, they will have additional styles to choose from. For instance, many designers like to incorporate their own twist on the classic design to make it their own and more unique. Some may use patent leather, which is a lot glossier looking. Some also make them with different cuts, such as a blazer type cut, a coat cut, or a trench cut.

Some are available with added details. For example, the motorcycle type often has extra details on them such as zippers, studs, buckles, chains, and other metal accents. Some are given embossed accents, such as pieces of material that resemble crocodile, snake, and alligator patters. The distressed look is also an option. Some are even given trims made of other materials such as faux fur, suede, and velvet.

For women that want a more animal friendly option, they can still buy these jackets. Fake leather is a material that looks identical to the real thing. It has the same look, feel, and texture. They last just as long and do not require any extra care.

As for colors, there are many options other than classic black. For more neutral color options, there are brown, burgundy, navy blue, gray, and olive. For something more vibrant and colorful, options like pink, red, purple, green, and yellow are available.

After buying the jacket, it is also important to note that it will need to be cared for, especially if a high amount was paid for it. Leather as a material is relatively maintenance free and easy to take care of as long as preventative measures are taken. For example, when not being worn, a leather jacket should be stored in a breathable area, which means wrapping it plastic would not be a good idea. Also, if anything spills on it or dirt gets onto it, only a damp cloth should be used to wipe it away. Cleaning products specifically designed for handling leather are also available.

That was some information on buying a leather jacket for women. There are many styles women have to choose from and many places carry them. The price range will vary but will of course be a lot higher if the jacket is made by a designer label.

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