Belts – Hip Scarves – Make a Fashion Statement

The belt hip scarf is something belly dancers in exotic countries use to accentuate the line of their hips and know whether they are moving their hips in time to the beat. But, don’t think that wearing a belt hip scarf is limited to just belly dancers. These scarves are no longer exclusive to them only, but is a fashion accessory any woman can wear. Many women are complimenting their outfits with hip scarves while highlighting their figures even further.

The original hip scarves manufactured in Egypt and used in belly dancing can be quite expensive because they are labor-intensive as sewing of coins, beads or crocheted lace has to be done manually, and this procedure can take days if not weeks. However, it is not necessary that all hip scarves should have beads and coins. Beads and coins are typical for belly dancing costumes. But, now you can buy them is a dazzling array of colors and styles from online scarves and shawls websites.

  • You can wear a hip scarf very easily; without much ado. All you have to do is tie the scarf elegantly around your waist (or hip if you like) and then let the ends fall on one side, either left or right. As you walk the scarf will accentuate your waist and your hips. However, scarves with heavy decoration can be cumbersome to tie as the beads can end up getting snagged. In order to avoid the scarf from slipping down, you can purchase a pin or brooch. Wrap the scarf around your waist or hip and then use the pin or brooch to keep it place. This way you can sashay without worrying about the hip scarf slipping down.
  • You can also fold a rectangular scarf lengthwise to form an “S” fold. Now wrap the scarf belt around your hip and tie at the side either using a knot or a small bow. Pull the unknotted side of the scarf so that it is pulled over your buttocks and give even the simplest dress a festive look!
  • Hip scarves look good on self-colored outfits as they break the monotony. You can brighten out a dull outfit with a bold but subdued hip scarf. Nothing looks more seductive than wearing a body-clinging dress and accentuating your hips with a colorful hip scarf. Scarves with beads, coins and pearls are very exotic and may not suit all occasions. Pick the right occasion to wear them so that you do not make a fashion faux pas.
  • Hip scarves are considered unconventional by many. However, do not let that stop you from wearing patterned or self-colored scarves around your hips to bring out the best. The best part is that the scarf can be worn with a dress, trousers or jeans. So, you can either have a casual look or a formal look all with just a simple scarf tied around your hip. Whether you are belly dancer or a person with two left feet, having a scarf to tie around your hips should be an essential part of your wardrobe.
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