Ad-Hoc Hen Night Party

A hen party has a specific purpose: that of celebrating the bride’s last few days as a bachelorette while having a great time with all the girls. It is the perfect excuse for a night of fun in which the bride is “la femme fatale”. So, dear maid of honor, make sure she feels constantly in the spotlight.

As a traditional rule the party must take place from two months to one week before the wedding. Thus, the bride can catch her breath and recover after the crazy night. The next step is choosing a theme. Want a karaoke-style, a ’80s night’, party with a stripper, a masquerade, an evening of hanging in the club, a pajama party or a day of relaxation in the spa? Either way, you must remember that the theme has to be chosen according to the preferences of the future bride and the invitees.

If the guests do not know each other well, society games and tequila shots represent the perfect solution to have a lot of fun! Also, impose a “dress code”. You can start by telling the invitees to bring along hen night accessories. Encourage the bride to make a list of all hen accessories she needs: fake eyelashes, extensions, sexy outfits, personalized sashes and neon tutu skirts.

At such ad-hoc hen night party it is common for those attending to write down a rule or a clever idea on one sheet of paper. Fold and mix them in a bowl. Each will draw a note having the duty to do what is written on it. The party will definitely be remembered for life! Oh, and don’t forget the camera. Take as many pictures as you can and put them in a photo album as a gift for the bride. Who says only the bride gets to receive presents? As the one organizing the hen night party, you can offer the invitees small surprises that suit the theme of the party.

For the hen party budget all the guests participate equally, depending on the expenses: accommodation, drinks, massages, gift for the bride, bachelorette limo and hen night accessories. If it goes over the proposed budget you may ask for the rest to the bride’s family. If you don’t want to bother the bride with these details during her special night, organize a smaller hen night party.

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