A Complete Travel Guide to Accra

A Complete Travel Guide to Accra

Accra is the capital of Ghana and is located on the coast of western region of Africa. With the population of almost 2 million it’s the most populous city in the country. Ga is the widely spoken language in the city but you can also see many people speaking Hausa, Twi and Ewe. However English is also spoken in urban area. Accra is the most famous city in Ghana because of its rich history and tourists’ attractions.

Get in

Kotoka International Airport is the main gateways to get in the country and is located in the capital city, Accra. It operates with all international airlines which provide cheap Accra flights from America, Middle East, Africa and Europe. You can also use the same airport to get domestic flights to Kumasi and Tamale.

Get out

To get around the city you need to book SUV but advance booking is highly recommended. You can also hire a car but if you don’t have knowledge about city’s road network then you should hire a car with an expert driver. The urban area is quite developed but the fares can be increased if you leave to metro Accra.

If you love walking then walk in the streets of Accra by night is another good option available. Accra is safe enough to walk any time but watch out for high speeded car while walking. Taxi is the option that is always available for getting around. Two types of taxis are run in the city, Shared Taxi and Metered Taxi. The former type follows the fix routes and is shared by 4 to 5 passengers at a time. It charges fix rent per person. The later type has meter in them. They are expensive as compare to Shared taxi but you would feel more comfortable in metered taxi.

Tro Tro is another option available for traveling around. It is used a public transport and follows the famous routes. Several stops have been established, for the Tro Tro, throughout the city so you can access it from any stop.

Must see

Accra is filled with museums, parks, shopping markets, library, beaches and castle etc. National Museum is the perfect place to understand the rich history of Ghana and its past trends. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park offers you mausoleum of Kwame Nkrumah, the great leader of Ghana, who led the country towards independence. In addition to this, The national Archives of Ghana, The Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, Ghana’s Central Library and Christiansburg Castle are must visit places.

Labadi beach is the most famous tourists spot in Accra. It’s warm but fresh water make it the perfect place for swimming but strolling is another must do activity at Labadi beach.


Shopping is the most exciting experience in the country. Makola market is the busiest market in the city that is full of fabric shops. Kaneshie market is another worth seeing market that offer a wide variety of traditional goods. National Cultural Center, Accra Mall, A&C Shopping Mall, Palace shopping Mall and Shaaba Shopping Mall are worth to be not missed.

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