4 Things You Should Never Do Playing Dress Up

4 Things You Should Never Do Playing Dress Up

Dress up is a game that is all encompassing. When you play dress up with friends, however, there are certain rules that must be enforced if everyone is going to enjoy the game. The organized events you plan with your friends can be as simple as playing around in someone’s closet or they can be full-blown fashion shows staged at a big sleepover. Whichever sort of even you are planning to enjoy, be sure you avoid these classic blunders.

Never Hog the Best Costumes for Yourself

Yes, the old formals and bridesmaid gowns are lovely and yes, they are the right size for you, but that does not mean you get to wear them all of the time. If you are going to want your friends to play with you more than just the one time, you have to let them have a turn to play in the prettiest or most outlandish costumes as well. It is just common sense.

Demote Yourself from Being the Leader

A fashion show needs someone to organize things, at least a little bit, but if you have put yourself in charge of everything, you need to take a step back. Nobody wants to be bossed around by someone wearing boots too big. Telling others what to do while playing dress up, even if they are being good sports, is a fast way to take the run out of friends to play with. It is far better to let everyone have their own opinions and to choose their own outfits and costumes for the event. You can just be sure all of the important jobs get done like photography and music – but ask, do not tell.

Share and Share Alike

When you are playing dress up with friends, you will want to play nicely and that means sharing what you bring. If everyone brings over their make up kits and a few favorite clothing items, you will have quite a collection. But if you refuse to let anyone else even close to your favorite pair of blue jeans or you are afraid they might ruin your favorite top with too much glitter, relax. Either do not bring something you are not willing to share or stay home yourself – it is all about togetherness for something like this.

Follow the Rules of the House

If you are over at your best friend’s house putting the big fashion event together, be sure you are following the rules of the house during the dress up game. You will want to keep the noise down to a reasonable level and before you start blasting any music, be sure it is not considered inappropriate by her parents. Look out for making the kinds of messes you will need help to clean up and if you have to run the vacuum cleaner at the end of the event, be sure you do so – it is incredibly rude to leave glitter and make up residue scattered across the carpet for your friend or her parents to have to clean up after you.

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