2006 Wedding Dress Trends

The ever-changing Bridal trends usually underestimate the importance on the Bride’s budget that only a discount wedding dress may offer. In 2006, the hottest trend is diamond or rhinestone hair accessories, adopted from celebrities wearing diamond tiaras the year before.

However, for a bride with a limited budget such accessories can only be affordable when they can save a bit of extra money. As for an example, investing in a wholesale wedding dress instead of a designer wedding dress, so the right selection of a hairdo and the hair accessory itself will become the shimmering focus point of the attire.

Another trend widely adopted during 2006 is the use of hot colors for the wedding dress. When it comes to an informal wedding dress, the bride can even mix more than two colors in the attire. When we say “hot colors”, we are referring a real intensive ones, including deep orange and chocolate brown.

Although, it may be hard to find these colors available in a wholesale wedding dress, hot colors for brides have been used in Oriental marriage traditions for many centuries including red, the color of the imperial wedding gown worn in Hong Kong and Japan. In our Western Culture, the 2006 hot colors are paired with other pastel colors such pink, cream and blue.

Brides who marry near the end of the year may take advantage of getting a discount wedding dress in hot colors, as the proximity of the new trends will be around the corner. New trends also dictate color in unexpected places, incorporating color into their look using colored crinoline underskirt or wearing shoes with details in contrasting colors.

Metallic embroidery and fabrics in a wedding dress are trendy this year adding embellishment even to an informal wedding dress. This shimmering look resembles the trend of Vogue during 2005, so it may be easier to find a good wholesale wedding dress with such characteristics.

The old tradition of bride’s monograms placed on everything, from underwear to invitations, is over now. 2006 trends remark the importance of creating wedding logos designed by the couple, generally made of any element other than their initials, names, letters or traditional wedding elements.

The disadvantage of this is that you cannot stick a logo on a wholesale wedding dress, contrary to a monogram, that once embroidered to the fabric; it makes the gown resemble a designer wedding dress.

Wedding dress trends as of 2006 includes donating your wedding dress after the ceremony to help hurricane and earthquake victims from all over the world, so brides can also make a difference with a generous charitable attitude.

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